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Our Mission

We enable you to share your work with the world

A Better Website Builder

Publit allows you to easily share your work with captivating and professional website design. With an effortless editing system packed with features, Publit is the perfect website building solution for professionals, journalists, academics, artists, videographers, and ambitious students.

We created Publit so that you don't have to sacrifice features you need at the price you want. We include direct support by staff to procure the best available website URL for you, which can be a cumbersome and difficult process if done alone.

While we find a website address that suits your needs, you can fill out Publit's proprietary Editor to view a preview of your site, instantly. Showcase your past experiences and future aspirations in a professionally designed and beautifully organized website.

Super Speedy

We engineered your website to be insanely speedy. Share your website link with third-party assessment tools to see how your site stacks up.

Effortless & Easy

You don't have to learn how to use brand new software. We made it very easy for you to add your content and publish your website.

Peak Performance

We make sure everything “under the hood” of your website works smoothly so you don't have to worry about making the best impression.

Our Design & Engineering Team

With decades of combined experience, we have built a comprehensive system that blends beauty with function. We care deeply about building products and features that hide the complexity of thoughtful engineering behind the simplicity of clean and engaging design. This principle forms the foundation upon which Publit has been created.

Our designers have taken their experiences producing attractive websites for professional athletes, capturing media at exclusive Oscar parties, and creating applications for elite fellowship programs to bring you Publit's core design. Our developers have created a high performance system for Publit that rivals any other website builder in the market. With experiences building logistical systems used by military personnel, producing hundreds of websites and applications for happy clients, and inventing internal tools to drastically advance our own operations, Publit's team will continue to improve the systems underlying your website each and every week.

Our Promise & Commitment

We would not exist without exceedingly happy customers. We take your comments and opinions very seriously. Our leadership team will read every note you send to us, and we plan to build onto our current product by adopting great ideas you share. Please do not hesitate to let us know all your needs and wants. Email us at .

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