Personal Sites for Professionals

One Simple Pro Plan

$6.50per month | paid annually

Multi-tiered plans can put you in a tough position–forcing you to sacrifice the features you need at the price you want. Publit gives you pro-level features at basic costs.

You pay for the cost of about 12 lattes over a year to get the best-designed product.

Publit vs. The Others

Human Support

Website addresses can be hard to get and difficult to set up. We take care of this for you. You tell us your preferences, and we find the best possible match.

Powerful Features

Publit's editing system is simple yet packed with dynamic features: Iris Analytics to track visitors, color theme selector, amazing site performance, and outstanding SEO.

Half the Cost

Some systems are manual and error-prone. Others are automated and robotic. We take the best of both processes to keep costs low without scrimping on features you want.

$6.50 / month

Free custom web address, acquired by Publit

Advanced Iris Analytics

Responsive design for mobile to desktop views

High performance, accessibility, and SEO

Painless and intuitive editing system

Unlimited bandwidth and storage + SSL security


$7-$40 / month

Acquire your own website address (only free on SS)

Limited Website Metrics

Responsive design for mobile and desktop views

Varied site performance dependent on design

Complex editing system difficult for beginners

Increased costs for more bandwidth and storage

This price reflects the base price of $6 with an added $12 per year for the yearly cost of a custom domain. This list reflects the lowest cost plan. Higher cost plans may include additional features.

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